Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award at Revit Addons!

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ViewSync received an Editor’s choice award and an overall grade of “A” on Revit Addons Blog.

“I took ViewSync for a spin today, and really like it – I’m especially impressed by how fast the application is.”

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If you do production work in Revit, you need ViewSync.

ViewSync automatically and continuously syncs open views with the active view for pan, zoom, and view direction for 3D views.  As you zoom and pan around your current plan/3D view, see the same exact area of the model in your other open plan/3D views.  Imagine being able to see the level below the level you are working on while you are working on it: real time.  If you find yourself planning, zooming, and/or orbiting multiple views to see different views of the same area, this tool is for you.

Check it out in action here.

NEW in Version 4.0.0!

  • Support for Revit 2018 and 2019!
  • Fixed a bug in live sections that impacted properties palette

NEW in Version 3.0.0!

  • Support for 2017

NEW in Version 2.0.3!

  • Free Features!  Sync 3D views for Free! Whether or not you decide to purchase advanced features, 3D syncing will continue to work after the trial expires!
  • New LIVE 2D and 3D sections!  Sync two 2D sections and one 3D section with your active plan view!  Select two 2D section views and one 3D view of your choosing to have automatically sync’d to your active plan view.
  • Persistent settings between Revit sessions!  Your ViewSync settings are now preserved for the next time you start up Revit!

NEW in Version 1.5!

  • Synchronization applies to ceiling plans when Sync Plan Views is checked
  • Synchronize Elevation Views with active Elevation view
  • Synchronize Elevations and/or 3D views with active Plan view 
  • Optionally Synchronize Pan and Zoom in all open plan views with active view
  • Optionally Synchronize Pan, Zoom, and View Direction in all open 3D views with active view
  • Includes Option to ignore 3D views if they have been placed on a sheet

What Others are Saying:

  • Love this app. Working on structural framing for a six story building, view sync makes coordination easy. Cannot wait to try it out for all disciplines. Routing piping and ductwork with view sync will simplify my life.
  • I can’t stop using it now that I’ve taken the plunge!
  • Top!
  • I just realized that you could have a couple 3d views open and a couple plans at the same time and it wiill sync each with its kind.  Very nice.
  • Actually I do like it quite a bit
  • I can really see this being useful on big MEP projects.  You know how fast you could draw pipe or duct up the building if you didn’t have to swap between views all the time?  I love how it sticks until you uncheck it.  So you can close/open views, retile them and pan around to check things.