Our VDC Team is made up of Architects, Engineers, and Construction Professionals. Our team are experts at using BIM (Building Information Modeling) practices, which means your projects will meet the ever growing demands of Owners and GC’s, in the Construction Industry.

And, for your projects that require a percentage to include the use of MWBE and DBE participation, this is a great place to utilize our WBE + DBE + HUB Certifications

Staff Augmentation (Architecture, Structural, MEP, Civil, Construction)

We can help augment staff for any length of time. We have a wide range of technical expertise that will help you finish project successfully. We can work with you at your office or virtually.

Services include:

  • BIM Coordination for all disciplines
  • BIM Modeling
  • 2D Drafting
  • As-builts
  • BIM Content Creation

Existing Conditions Data Collection

Our 3D Laser Scanning Services provide value throughout all phases of a project. Our team of Architects and Engineers will work with your team, to understand the “What” and “Why” of any project.  This is to ensure that we capture exactly what is needed all while utilizing the latest scanning and drone technologies.

We can deliver all captured scans to your team so that they can process and convert.  But, why not utilize our team of experts to process and convert those scans for you?

Services include:

  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • UAV Drone Data Collection
  • As-built Documentation
  • Modeling


EDGE-GTS™ has Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Rendering Services, which allow Stakeholders a chance to visualize their investment in a realistic environment, instead of reading a set of plans.  We utilize many technologies: 3D rendering for realistic gaming technology with custom programming.

Services include:

  • Renderings
  • Real-time Simulations
  • AR/VR (Augmented/Virtual Reality)